GOBL 2020 Postseason Teams

GOBL News: Playoffs begin
Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
The teams who survived the hard battles of the regular season now begin their new campaign — the postseason! The playoffs begin today in GAF Online Baseball League as the Wildcard Series commences with these match-ups of clubs hoping to win the title:
Oakland Athletics (BYE), Toronto Blue Jays versus Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians (BYE), Baltimore Orioles (BYE), Philadelphia Phillies (BYE), Los Angeles Dodgers versus Miami Marlins, Arizona Diamondbacks (BYE) and Chicago Cubs (BYE).

Another regular season is in the books, and the playoffs will begin in a couple of days. It will be a battle of survival — and the final survivor will be the GAF Online Baseball League champions. The “haves” will be in their radiant glory, playing for the league title, while the “have-nots” will be at home, sitting by the hot stove until springtime.

GOBL Is Moving to OOTP 17

Out of the Park Baseball 17 has been released to the masses and the GAF Online Baseball League is making the jump.

With this update, we plan to add new members while reaping the benefits of the upgrades to the simulation engine. We just happened to come upon this release at the right time, just as we hit the end of our 2019 season.

So, in game year 2020 brings new players and the OOTP 17 client. Perfect Timing!

2019 World Series is claimed by the Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are champions, today and forever.

“Nobody can take this away from us, not ever,” said an excited Hunter Morris after his club had defeated the Baltimore Orioles. “We worked hard and we accomplished our goal.”

The atmosphere was electric as the newly-crowned champs stormed the field as the game concluded. Fans cheered, gloves flew in the air, high fives and hugs were the order of the day.

“From day one of spring training, I could see it in their eyes,” said the Pittsburgh manager. “The players had that look of intensity, of hunger, of a desire to accomplish something great, and today they did that – they’re champions of the world.”

The Pirates took the series 4-3, with the final win being a 4-3 triumph.

The new titleholders completed the regular season with a first-place finish in the National League Central Division and a 100-62 record. As they head into the off-season, some people are already wondering if they can repeat.

2019 Opening Day

The 2018 off season has come and gone as the 2019 Opening Day quickly approaches.
No matter how short the offseason might be, to fans of the game it’s always too long. But the wait is finally over and the clubs of the GAF Online Baseball League are ready to embark upon another season.

The 2019 season opens with the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals @ Milwaukee Brewers.

The St. Louis Cardinals Win the 2018 World Series

A celebratory mood filled the air as the St. Louis Cardinals closed out the season with a 4-1 victory over the Minnesota Twins at Target Field to capture the World Series, 4-2.

It was a hard fought series, but in the end there was no denying the team of destiny their rightful spot as GAF Online Baseball League champions.
“We felt like this was our year all season long,” said Patrick Kivlehan. “It was our destiny to win it and we did.”

The Minnesota manager was somewhat dejected, but gave credit where it’s due. “They’re the champions and they deserve it. We played good ball, they just played better than us,” he said.

The cardinals clubhouse was like a playground as teammates exchanged high five’s, sang and shouted with joy. It was the 12th in franchise history. They put up a 89-73 record on the season.