League File Instructions

This is a one time set up instruction. You shouldn’t┬áhave to do this again (unless your OOTP save breaks).
These instructions are made for a Windows machine.

Get the league file and download/copy it to the following location (or somewhere very similar, THE LOCATION SHOULD ALREADY EXIST if the game is installed)
C:\Documents\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP Baseball 18\saved_games

GOBL League File

On Windows 7 +, just right click the gobl_ootp.zip, and select ‘Extract All…’

The league folder, ‘gobl_ootp’, is now created.
Now RENAME the folder to: ‘gobl_ootp.lg’

You can delete the compression files left behind in the saved_games folder: gobl_ootp.zip

The league is now created and accessible in the game

Now you just need the server connection files that allow you to download the league file from within the game along with exporting your team to the server. Download file located here:


Place it in the folder:C:\My Documents\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP Baseball 18\saved_games\gobl_ootp.lg\settings
If the settings folder doesn’t exist yet, create it.

Open the gobl_settings.zip file, copy the 3 files contained, and paste them directly into the ‘settings folder’.
Allow the files to overwrite if needed.
Everything is now in place!